Sale, forest land, 2 649 m2, Plavecký Štvrtok 35.00 EUR/m2 suggest a price

LEON * real * Land, Sale, Swimming Thursday, Malacky, 2649 m2

We sell land for the construction of holiday cottages in the village sand pit in the village Swimming Thursday. Land has a width of about 13 meters (minimum 11 meters) and a length of approximately 250 meters and a total area of ??2,649 square meters, of which 1,506 square meters is registered as a Built up areas and the rest (1,143 square meters) as forest land. The property is located 15 meters from the lake and the other is access to another lake. The property is accessible directly from the asphalt road and its edge is water supply and sewerage, electricity and gas is about 50 meters from the property. The whole range of our office can be found on

Further information on the offer
  • Price 35.00 EUR/m2 suggest a price
  • Submitted 9/24/2013
  • Offer no. AR-03IN-000927 (PP0201MA)


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